Goals – Brian Tracy 

Firstly a bit about the author. Now if you haven’t heard of Brian Tracy, you haven’t been taking personal development seriously. This dude is the absolute nuts when it comes to straight talking and practical advice on personal development. He is Mr. personal Development. I first saw him on YouTube, one of his older videos ’10 keys to personal power’ I highly recommend you watch this. (Link at the bottom of this blog). It may be 20 years or so old. But I guarantee you. It will change you for the better, even by a little bit.

Anyway, Brian, put together this book. Goals. And in good old Brian Tracy fashion, it too is straight talking no bullsh*t practical advice.

Shortly after I discover Brian, I found this book and blitzed through it. At the time, I was working for a construction company as a draughtsman. (Doing construction drawings) I was at a trainee level and sort of plodding along. This book really gave me a kick the the arse I was looking for and needed.

We all have goals. How many times have you sat down with your friends or family and moaned about your job. Or, if you are one of the more positive types. Moaned about what you wanted in your job or life. Well, that would be you kind of setting a goal. ‘I wanna go on holiday this year’ there’s a goal right there.

This book takes you from just mildly wishing and dreaming. Taking those casual thoughts you have on a day to day basis that makes up what you truly want in life. To strong and practical goal setting. And a good goal is a wish or dream with a realistic and practical plan. Brian captures this theme beautifully in this book.

So back to my story as the trainee draughtsman. I knew, at the time, my main goal was to get as high up as a could as quickly as I could to earn as much money as quickly as I could. And that’s exactly what I did. I had to determine what my true goals were. And this book helped me with this. What is most important is why you want the goal. And if that why, is true to yourself then the ‘how’ you get to your goal won’t matter. The idea being, you’ll want it so much, that you’ll keep trying and failing until you get it.

There is a lot of emphasis on being very. And I mean VERY clear about your goal. Clarity is key and Brian bangs on about this. So when I was wishing I wanted a pay rise. (Most of us do) After reading this book, I had a clear goal to get a 10k pay rise by December of the following year. I imagined having that 10k pay rise and thought about it as often as possible. See the difference clarity makes? To be honest I don’t think I did get the 10k in the end, it was more like 7k. But the point is I aimed for something and got somewhere as opposed to aiming for nothing and getting what’s given to you.

Also, what is also important from reading this book is to get into the habit of writing you goals down, daily and read them to yourself as much as possible. A little thing called ‘law of attraction’ (I’ll be recommending a book on this shortly) will come into play. Basically, if you continuously think about what you want and you can feel really excited about it. Guess what happens? The law of attraction comes into play and starts to help you get what you really want! Sound a bit airy fairy? Well, can you remember the last time you wanted a new car or new to and then you couldn’t stop seeing frigging commercials and bill board adverts about the car or to you wanted? That’s law of attraction. Or when your thinking about going to Spain and you start seeing deals or you overhear someone speaking about their trip to Spain. It’s freaky, but it does happen.

Back to the book. Brian is a practical dude and isn’t afraid of hard work. So throughout the book he offers little exercises that you can do yourself. He asks the reader a lot of questions. I think this is an excellent way to get you thinking and it brings out a side of you that you may never have questioned below. Here’s a few screenshots from the book to illustrate what I mean;

Also, another great thing about this book is that every chapter has plenty of sub chapters. It makes it easy to read in small bites and enables you to keep track of what Brian is saying. It is a very easy read.

Whenever I’m losing track of my goals I have a quick scan through this book and it never fails to inspire.

Not boasting, but I’d consider myself a bit of a pro at goal setting now. And it’s thanks to Brian and this book. It has helped me establish, deep down, what I really REALLY want. How to focus on this and create a practical and measureable plan to achieve this. And I now have the business and lifestyle that I used to dream about 5 years ago. This book is a must read if you are interested in progressing towards your dreams one step at a time.

Oh and by the way. This book is FREE and available to download as a PDF. Here is the link, so no excuses! Goals by Brian Tracy

And also. Brian Tracy – 10 keys to personal power


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